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Andreas Emenius at Schunk Museum, Holland


Andreas Emenius presents a large solo show at the Schunk Museum in Herlen, Holland. 600m2 is filled up with new works by Emenius. This time around the focus is on heavy industry: mining and foresty serving as symbols of physical power and motion. He’s also developed his sculptural interest and presents a large group of semi-abstract figures in plaster and wood.

The show is open until 1st of December. For more info see www.schunck.nl/

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Noah Lyon at Freight + Volume


Noah Lyon is participating in Freight + Volume’s group show THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ART WORLD, PART II: THE OTHER 99% 

“If Part One posed the various problems and dysfunctions of the artworld by a mid-career generation, Part Two poses some possible solutions by a younger generation who, despite all the obstacles, manage to keep a sense of humor and produce reaffirming (and sometimes hilarious) art. From Paperina’s notion to “Kill All the Artists” as an antidote to the art world taking itself too seriously, to de Miguel’s sly satire on pompous “Grad School Critiques” and NYC gallery hopping, to Noah Lyon’s escape from art world incestuousness and pretention through his iconic depictions of Youtube and everyman’s internet, these late twenty-and early thirty-somethings may despair at the system crumbling around them, but never lose hope and simply soldier on. What would be the alternative, anyway? To stop making art altogether?”




The show is on between September 12 – October 12, 2013

For more info check out Freight + Volume

Don’t miss Noah Lyon’s solo show that open in our gallery in October.




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The gallery is closed

Gallery information & News

The gallery is now closed. Thanks to all the artists, staff, buyers, visitors and friends during those years (2006-2013). I will continue on the art scene for a while longer but as freelance and consultant for the time being.

Galleri Jonas Kleerup 2006-2013, check out previous exhibition below.

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