Andreas Emenius

Future Heads

Exclusive exhibition online now open for everyone
A lot of people saw the exclusive online exhibition

In the Future Heads exhibition, Emenius has explored the idea that the Western world is actually ending and we are witnessing the last season – “winter time” – of the Faustian civilization.This theory is based on the thoughts in the book ‘The decline of the West’, by the german Philosopher Oswald Spangler. Written in 1923 Spengler’s depicts Western Man as a proud but tragic figure, for, while he strives and creates, he secretly knows the actual goal will never be reached. The exhibition is a collections of portraits, a hall of fame, of sorts, of people from various backgrounds. Protagonist with similar emotional patterns to us, connecting them to our time, but from a different context, looking back towards us through loopholes in time. What are they looking at? What are their potential reality? The portraits are both splendid and terrifying, both tragic and full of hope. Many made only in pencil, maintaining an openness for interpretation,like faded pictures from the future. The figures becoming vessels for mankinds imperfections and contradictions: confident/nervous, trusting/jealous, balanced/paranoid, safe/vulnerable, brave/cowardly.