Vibskov & Emenius

Circular Series

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Vibskov & Emenius is the collaborative art project of danish designer Henrik Vibskov and swedish artist Andreas Emenius, both graduates from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, in 2000. In 2007 they began ‘The Fringe Projects’ – ten works in form of installations, objects, performances, video and self-portraits, exploring illusion, surface, and movement, completed in 2009. They then continued with their lates series of work ‘The Circular Series’.

‘The Circular Series’ is a conversation between Vibskov & Emenius about identity and inclusion, about a persons place in the world, between fantasy, and self-made. It’s experiments, thoughts as projects, inspired by man-kinds constant search for knowledge. Armstrong on the moon, Roald Amundsen’s Antarctic expeditions, inventions, pushing forward. The circle is used as a clarifier, or visual glue, linking all the projects to the same universe. As a formal experiment the circle is interesting in relation to material, form, and motion.